The current desperate times

Our current world system, this huge ship which we are all in, is sinking; it does not matter if you are rich or poor, if you are not part of the international ruling elite, there is no lifeboat available for any of you, and you will end up at the bottom with everyone else.

We must organize and do something since we are running out of time. As you are probably well aware, western nations face a multitude of problems including:

  • Degeneracy, corruption, and the rest of the leftist madness which spreads like a mind virus, being promoted and celebrated by the biggest and most influential people on our planet.
  • So called “mass replacement”, performed as part of a social engineering experiment, to create a perfect submissive and empty society without any decent moral or spiritual backbone.
  • Collapsing world economy, which is still alive today by functioning on credit and by exploiting countries with available slave labor.
  • Collapsing civilization under the leadership of incompetent and treacherous politicians, who would never be in positions of power if responsible and aware people were the majority of citizens in our nations today.

A rational solution

We hold a solution; a realistic plan explained step by step which might save our future, which might be applied in our miserable situation today.

Plan objectives:

  • First objective is to inform people who are already aware and concerned about our current situation in the western world that a solution exists, and unite them over the realization of this plan.
  • Second objective is about the creation of a power structure, and organization for the coordination of our actions. We need to start forming large, organized, like minded communities, starting at connections made over the internet.
  • Objective number three: We must secure our means of communication, bypass restrictions of internet censorship, especially in Europe, to create independent and trustworthy platforms to exchange information, news, important intel, and focus the attention and activity of aware people on those platforms onto this alternative internet infrastructure, which will grant us absolute freedom of speech and security for organizational purposes.
  • Fourth Objective is about creating our own economy, with our own international internet trade market, with our own currency, means of production, logistics and international business cooperation. This new economic block will be designed to function in symbiosis with the currently existing world model, and our alternative economic block will also be designed to survive the collapse of the current world economy.
  • Fifth Objective is about increasing our range of influence and growing our numbers or possibly but less likely; wake up the unaware masses, and organize sane like minded people on a local level, in the real world, forming strong well organized communities of people with mutual values and awareness about the cruel reality of our world system.
  • And the sixth and final objective aims to secure our survival, and a way to reach power in our western countries, here in this current world system, or after it collapses.

The main idea behind this plan is to create an alternative system, inside this current corrupt system, with its own economy, infrastructure, organization, and principles.

Playlist with the plan video series
Plain text document version

This website will serve mostly as a rally point, where we will update our list of platforms and provide any news. Keep in mind we are still in the process of writing the information sections, so be aware.

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