Current Goals

We are currently trying to accomplish three objectives at once:

  • First objective isto inform people who are already aware and concerned about our current situation in the western world that a solution exists, and unite them over the realization of this plan.
  • Second objective is about the creation of a power structure, and organization for the coordination of our actions. We need to start forming large, organized, like minded communities, starting at connections made over the internet.
  • Objective number three: We must secure our means of communication, bypass restrictions of internet censorship, especially in Europe, to create independent and trustworthy platforms to exchange information, news, important intel, and focus the attention and activity of aware people on those platforms onto this alternative internet infrastructure, which will grant us absolute freedom of speech and security for organizational purposes.

Progress :

  • Objective 1: Because we did not gain support from any major “aware” youtuber, we are forced to spread the word about existence of this plan and this operation on our own, which means the progress of assembling supporters for this operation is slow. Without sufficient base of supporters we lack of security, and we cannot sacrifice years to come for building our support base, so we currently focus at objective number 3.
  • Objective 2: Strongly related to problems with objective 1, we cannot grow our structures or create any independent organizational cells because we lack of skilled and competent people to take over varies responsibilities. To find more possible candidates we need bigger base of supporters for this operation.
  • Objective 3. This is where we focus all our current efforts, by developing TacMAPP + Game modes, a products from which we could profit from and establish first business company for further development of Polstrat and Tradestrat Platform.

Current game projects under development by our team member: Project 01’s purpose is to provide tactical planning, communication, navigation and real-time coordination in the real world for:

  • Paintball/Airsoft/ASG games: to help players improve their teamwork and cooperation, to help judges and observers monitor the game better than ever before, making sure players do not cheat and follow the game’s rules, and generally to improve the satisfaction gained from playing those games for everyone involved.
  • Militia groups: to help them organize war games for training, improving their navigation and coordination in combat zones, this includes militia groups in Ukraine for example, or mercenaries groups, large private security details and military companies, who do not have access to military satellites systems.
  • For Police Use ( “TacMAP P+”): a specialized version of TacMAPP purely for police use, currently under development by a company that is owned by a friend from the US, who is always helping us with the realization of the plan presented in our videos. (Details are further in the description)
  • For firefighters, rangers, rescue teams and others, to improve coordination in action while dealing with a fire outbreak, or while performing search and rescue operations, especially in wide areas and difficult terrain.
  • For daily activities, jogging, exploring, any endeavours where you are exposed to the risk of getting lost or worse.

Early versions of TACMAPP are designed purely for use while you have internet access, but future versions will allow users to use TACMAPP with limited features by network access via RADIO signal, eliminating the need for internet or any other network in the area, which will make TACMAPP a perfect APP to use in desolate areas or in any potential post-collapse scenario, allowing people to plan and exchange tactical information on their digital devices, connected to HAM Radios.

Project public documentation

Project 02: a real-life mass multiplayer Survival horror game.

I designed this game to motivate people to get out from their homes and participate in outside activities, or even socialize by cooperating with strangers from their teams, and to develop some skills related to teamwork, stealth and infiltration through real life activity.

But the main purpose of course is to benefit financially the realization of the further projects from the list presented in our plan video series. This will be the first game of its kind in the world, which should boost up game popularity since lots of people will be talking and writing about it everywhere.

Project public documentation
IGG campaign to secure our budget for upcoming winter
Operational report 02